May 06, 2013

hear me roar

One day this week during a breakfast of these muffins, boiled eggs, and chopped melon, the six of us discussed male and female roles in lion prides. Typical breakfast conversation.

Bright wanted to know why lionesses do all the hunting while the male lion stays behind to guard the cubs.  The roles seemed somewhat reversed to him.

Zion suggested that the daddy lion, being the strongest adult in the pride, needs to stay at home to protect the children from hyenas and other such dangers.

Daniel suggested that the ladies do the hunting because the males can't be bothered with it. You have my permission to roll your eyes.  I did.

I said, "I'll tell you how it is. Female lions are the ones who think, 'Hmm, meal time will be here before we know it, and all of these romping offspring of ours will be hungry.  I better put some ground beef on the counter to thaw, or start simmering some sauce, or go grab an antelope by the neck.'  Whereas male lions lay around napping in the tall grass until their growling bellies wake them and they grunt, 'What's for dinner?'  That's how it is."

Roar ;)