April 02, 2013

night train

My dream weekend getaway would be to hole myself up alone in a charming stone cottage in the English countryside, with a lovely view of the sheep and the fog, an ample stock of popping corn, black coffee, and milk chocolate, and nothing to do all day but write on my laptop and go for brisk walks in a good pair of shoes.

Or a weekend of flea market shopping with my mom. 

But if neither of those things can happen, I'd like to ride the overnight train with my beloved husband and four awesome kids to spend Easter weekend with our dear friends, the Heddens. So that is what we did.  Incidentally, there was plenty of black coffee, and plenty of time to write on my laptop.  Not to mention laughing until we cried, in typical Rupp-Hedden fashion.  We were so glad we went!

The view from the train.
Our room on the train.  We were in this room for 21 hours, one way.  We loved it, though.  Truly relaxing family time.