April 22, 2013

between aftershocks

The liquid Benadryl is still on our hutch, but the biggest aftershocks seem to happen in the middle of the night.  Saturday night, for example, I awoke to my glass of water hopping across my night stand.  The folks at the epicenter have been hit by roughly 30 quakes since the ground began to move.  Over 200 people have been reported dead or missing, thousands injured.  The roads to the epicenter are still blocked except to emergency vehicles, but when they clear, volunteers from nearby cities like ours will start going there to help in any way possible.

Between aftershocks, we keep living our lives.  For example, here is a picture of Jubilee offering up her disappearing-eyes smile.

And here is a picture of Zion at the science museum to which Daniel took the kids on a field trip while I was in class.