April 24, 2013

Ms. Candle

If only Ms. Candle could have taken this shot!
In Louisiana there lives a young woman called Ms. Candle.  Her actual name is Candace, but back when Jubilee was still learning English, Jubi confused the name Candace with the word candle.  Honestly, there couldn't be a more appropriate nick name for my friend, Candace.  Check out her personal blog here, and her amazing photography blog here, and you'll see what I mean. 

Candace is known for her light.  Her personal blog is titled, "This Little Light of Mine," and for good reason.  Her whole life is an endeavor to chase away the darkness from our world. 

And Candace's photography is also full of, you guessed it, light!  She finds light, holds light, even seems to bend light, until the subject of her photograph looks so real her blog might as well be breathing.  With her little shoulders pulled up and her little elbows drawn in, my friend hides her beautiful smile behind the lens and fires away, capturing what few others are able to capture.

This blog post is for you, Ms. Candle, because you gave Jubilee this night gown, and you gave Jubilee her precious "Lamby," and you have left your impression on her little heart.  And thank you, too, Anna Grace, for giving up your little lamb so that a 3-year-old in East Asia might be able to snuggle up with it every single night.