March 12, 2013

the first day of the rest of her life

Her first day as a believer.  Cutest little believer I ever saw.
It happened, like it did with Zion, a bit earlier than we anticipated.  This morning, during our morning devotions, Jubilee looked at me grumpily and declared, "I don't wanna talk about Jes_s no more!"

"Really, Honey?" I said, touching her little brown arm.  "Why's that?"

"I don't know," she said, and then her face screwed all up into a ball and she began to weep.

"Sweetie," I suggested, "maybe it is the sin in your heart that doesn't want to hear about Jes_s?"

She nodded vigorously.  Though I'll never know how much she was understanding, it seemed like she was understanding every word.

"Sweetheart," I approached cautiously, "do you want to trust in Jes_s today?  Do you want to give your heart to Him, so you can be with Him freely and with joy?"

More vigorous nodding, while two streaks of tears ran down her flat cheeks and under her chin to her neck.

"OK," I said.  "We can help you do that."

We all bowed our heads, and Bright laid hands on his sister.  She repeated after me, confessing her sin and her need for help with that, and then she professed her faith in Jes_s and what he did for her on the cross.

So of course, this afternoon this mama baked another Book of Life cake, this time for a very special little girl who warms my heart daily with her desire to love and bless others.  G0D has big plans for this one!