March 04, 2013

Help! He's got a sausage!

When I'm not peeling potatoes, guzzling coke zero, stain-treating the knees of little pants, nuzzling my nose into the soft fur of my rabbit, teaching a cursive "d," explaining how it is possible for Isaac and Ishmael to have different mamas, watching my son twist his face in horror at the realization that making babies is even possible outside of marriage, combing my excessively long hair so it won't dread lock (though dreadlocks remain on my bucket list, however close to the bottom they might be), practicing my Chinese with our wonderful new house helper, soaking up the rare sunshine as it squeezes through the pollution to warm our window glass, or listening to the endless chatter of my little girl, I am taking pictures of the goings on around the house.

Such as "playing hostage," a game that Brave calls, "playing sausage."  In this scene, Brave decided he wanted to be the sausage.

I guess this is what happens to the sausage if things go south??  (Jubilee is "bandaged" with strips of curtain from the sheer panels I just hung on the roof)

The weekend's project: kite-making.  Still awaiting a windy day for the testing of the product.

Meet Xiao Huang, our new house helper.  A widow at age 37, with a teenage daughter, Xiao Huang is happy to have the work, and we are more than happy to have her as our Ayi!  We wish San Jie well, of course, but Xiao Huang is a much better fit for our family.  I hope she'll be washing the inside of my fridge and taking my kids to the doctor for years to come.