April 18, 2012

when in Rome, grab the markers

Daniel would rather be in the deer woods, or under a house, or behind the pulpit, than working with paints and pottery.

That said, Daniel Rupp is a stellar dad.  Recently, without so much as a nudge from me, Daniel announced that he was taking Zion to the coffee shop down in the alley for a milkshake, and they were bringing along paper and markers.  I looked down at Zion, who had a bookbag full of art supplies slung over his shoulder.

"That's wonderful!" I said, trying not to act too excited, so as not to discourage this sort of thing from happening again.  There is, after all, no thrill-kill like one's mom getting all ooey-gooey. 

The really cute part?  When they got home, it was Daniel who had a masterpiece to show me.  Looks like somebody is a closet artist.  Or at least he is good at drawing vehicles.
Zion is a hard one to reach.  Content and pleasant people often are.  Not prone to begging or cajoling for attention, they can sometimes get overlooked.  Not this time.  Daniel found the place where Zion was, and he went there.

Good job, Daniel Rupp.  My cup runneth over.