April 24, 2012

warming up

Bright has finally starting showing an interest in learning the language.  I was determined to wait until he was ready, but I was beginning to think it would never come.  Now I am so excited to add language class to our curriculum next year, along with typing (which I've decided to add so Bright's fingers can start keeping up with his mind).  Zion needs more art, and they both need spelling help, and a good geography program, and some sort out-of-the-box history (they inherited my blank-stare response to timelines).  If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears!

Oh, sweet boys, I am so proud of you for wanting to shed some of your aversion to our host culture, and it warms my heart to hear you repeating a phrase or two.  If a certain group of people had been all up in my face for almost four years, petting my head, grabbing my arms, laughing at me whenever I fell down, and snapping photos even when I pleaded with them not to, I think it would take me just as long to want to speak their language.  You have been very good sports, my sons, and you make me smile.

You make your L0RD smile, too.