April 12, 2012

dishsoap and becoming Men

Dishsoap from Kayla Rupp on Vimeo.

Kayla caught an early flight this morning to the city we're moving to next year.  She'll be back tonight.  I wanted her to see the apartment we've been wanting to rent up there before we actually signed a contract on it.  Hopefully she'll manage to have some well deserved fun too.

During the toddlers' naps I realized we needed dishsoap - and instantly, instinctively, I knew this was a challenge that my two older sons must face, and they must face it alone...

(It is a six minute long video taken on my phone, so grandparents will enjoy it, others may disregard.)

Well done boys - navigation, decision making, looking out for each other, interacting with strangers, strange dogs, dish soap, spending money, getting change, and all in a different language.  You become more of men, and less of boys, every day.