December 23, 2011

In order to understand why my back aches

- white chocolate-dipped pretzels with real, American sprinkles
- peppermint fudge, with real, American candy canes
- veggie tray, every last grub and trace of human fertilizer thoroughly washed away
- brine ready for tomorrow's chicken
- vegetables for tomorrow's broth washed, chopped, and bagged
- ice trays emptied and refilled with clean drinking water
- cheese ball made and rolled in walnuts
- four kids wiped down and put in bed by myself, again.  'Tis the season to hardly see my husband.

- rise early and bake a red velvet cake, with real, American red food coloring
- grab one or two kids and head to the market to pick out a 6 pound chicken.  I would buy a live one, but I don't know if Daniel has time to behead it for me.  I'll probably just choose one off the bloody wooden slab.
- come home and rinse the bird, then plop it in the brine
- take kids to get their faces painted and watch Charlie Brown Christmas with all their friends
- bake crescent rolls
- boil the chicken and remove meat, return bones and skin to the pot with veggies to simmer for 4 hours, the goal being broth for tomorrow's dumplings
- clean the kids up and put them in their Christmas best for our Christmas Eve steak dinner at the Greene's
- put kids to bed and finish wrapping presents

- get up with the chickens for an unwrapping frenzy in the living room
- Skype call our families in the States
- make sweet tea
- make cinnamon rolls
- make chicken and dumplings
- make sausage balls, with homemade sausage and homemade "Bisquick" (because Christmas wouldn't be Christmas for Daniel without sausage balls)
- have our friends over for Christmas dinner
- collapse

Pink rocking horse assembly: a first for Daniel Rupp.  XOXO