December 07, 2011

How Brave felt about the whole thing

1.) Feeling quite apprehensive ("Things are about to change, aren't they?").
2.) Getting cold feet ("Who's idea was this?").
3.) Suddenly terrified ("Help, the poop is coming, without a warm, familiar place for it to land!!!!")
4.) Despairing ("They aren't saving me.  They aren't saving me.")
5.) The passage into childhood ("Oh, oh, here it comes.")
6.) He did it!  We all rush in to offer our congratulations.
7.) He hugs his prize.  Good job, son!  Yes, I realize I am letting you see my lovely East Asian bathroom in these pics, and I feel very vulnerable, so please be kind.
8.)  Suspicious ("That was a one-time deal, right?").  Look at those awesome cheeks!

From day one...

 to day now...
you have been a wonderful, tumble-ful, bundle-ful, my handsome Brave Ransom.  Welcome to the rest of your life.