December 08, 2011

going away for a while

In order for our little Chinese doll... be granted a visa for entry into the home of the brave and the land of the free, it is necessary for me to take her back to her province capital.  We leave tomorrow. 

I will be away from these guys for 7 whole days!  That is the longest my sons and I have ever been apart.  Yes, I got a little weepy about it today.
But I spent the day making pot pie, mexican lasagne, beer bread, and banana muffins so my four dear menfolk wouldn't starve.  And I lesson-planned for my substitute teacher, a smokin' hot young man who has graciously agreed to do more than wrestle and watch Bear Grylls movies while I am away.

And just in case the plane goes down, I left two handwritten letters in the stationary basket; one addressed to the best three boys on earth, and one addressed to their daddy.  You just never know.

Signing off until December 15th.  Have a great week!