October 21, 2011

real life and a birthday

Last night we celebrated Daniel's 32nd birthday, two days late.  It was a great day, which was good, since two days earlier on his actual birthday we spent the day arguing over who's life was more miserable and who deserved to have a bad attitude more (you know the kind of day I'm talking about).  Now, Daniel and I have learned to argue well, so we don't mind our kids being around when it happens.  We figure they might learn a thing or two about real life.  It was Jubilee's first time to see her parents working through a conflict, however, and she was a little nervous about it.  The poor dear kept bringing us little toys, in an effort to distract us, wearing a very sheepish look on her face.  We just scooped her up and covered her cheeks with kisses, letting her know that all was well. 

And it truly was.  People who really love each other are not afraid of a good argument.  In the end, it was determined that neither one of us is miserable and neither one of us deserves to have a bad attitude.  You could have told us that, right?  I tell ya, selfishness is a pesky, if not terrible, thing.

Anyway, Daniel turning 32 was redeemed yesterday by a potroast and his favorite carrot cake, the hardest cake I make, and one that I have yet to turn out right in East Asia on account of hard-to-find ingredients, weird milk, small eggs, and high altitude.  I've been tweaking it for three years now and yesterday I nailed it.  I have a happy man in my house today, cutting himself slice after slice.

And for the record, my life could not be further from miserable, with the L0RD as my stronghold and Daniel Rupp as my husband.  I have said it before and I'll say it a thousand more times, G0D smiled on me when he turned Daniel's eyes my way.  Last night he said, to a whole group of friends, "My wife has one of the most beautiful lives I know."  I melted.  He wasn't referring to my circumstances, either, he was talking about me.  Man, I love this guy. 

And I love this picture.  There's the cake, and there's Jubilee, looking like the cake just landed in front of her from outerspace, and there's Zion's two dimples, and if you look closely, you'll notice in the background how we've taped one of Jubi's orphanage pictures onto our blown-up family print.  And there's the handsome B-day boy, of course, 32 years young.  I really love this picture.

 Happy Birthday, Baby!  My love for you is as real as it gets.