May 25, 2011

Pulmonary anniversary

Peanuts make a fine snack for a 23-month-old, right?  Apparently not.  Four days ago Brave got to crying with a mouthful of peanuts and now we are headed to Thailand, again.

Ongoing weezing and coughing led to chest X-rays which led to booking a flight for Brave and me to Bangkok.  We leave today.  A pediatric pulmonary surgeon will slide a scope into Brave's airway and hopefully find and remove the peanut shrapnel.  Praying for steady hands and no post-procedure fever because if you have a fever in Asia they keep you in the hospital FOREVER and pump fluids through you until you start to float inside of your hospital gown.  I have packed a good book and the phone numbers for Sunrise Tacos and Beirut Restaurant (Bangkok's two best eateries), so I should be good.  Hoping for a soft cot and some good programs on Discovery.

To make things more interesting, 9 years ago today Daniel and I were getting married up in Michigan.  We celebrated our anniversary this morning by feeding the kids granola and then putting them in front of a movie so we could eat eggs and bacon in peace, by candlelight, in our bathrobes, weary from a sleepless night with a weezing child but more in love than we ever have been.

Our doctor told us yesterday that children should not eat peanuts until they are old enough to spell peanut, in Spanish.  Words to live by, I am thinking.