May 18, 2011

enemy song

I have two enemies: my mind and my funny bone.  Both are overactive, and both get in the way of my progress in life.  The former is a constant threat to many things, namely faith and joy, while the latter sends lightning bolts of pain clear to my shoulder at the most inopportune times (like turning around to catch whatever it was that person just said, while passing through a doorway, with my elbows out to balance the hot casserole in my hands).

My mind can be renewed through prayer.  It can be trained into submission.  My elbows, however, are formed fast, and will stay the way they are so long as I move and breathe in this body of mine.  Someday I will part company with them (my elbows), and it will be like an old Western, when two long-standing enemies reach the end of their lives and realize that somewhere along the line their contempt turned into respect, while they were riding their horses too fast to notice.

Life is hard.  Really hard.  Yet, the more I bang into doorways, the more I am convinced that the struggle really does keep us alive.