May 24, 2011

Blessed is the mother of sons

We are more excited about Jubilee than words can express, but that has nothing to do with the fact that she is a girl.  She is a child, our child, and we are bringing her home.

A daughter is going to be a treasure all her own, I am sure, but not to surpass the treasure that her brothers are.  What a tragedy it would be, and how sorely wrong, if any of our sons were ever made to feel that in 2011 we finally got our girl.

Sons, SONS, don't think you aren't the salt on my popcorn.  Sons, SONS, you are the L0RD's love for me, embodied.  I get to live out my days with not one, but four men who want to take care of me and make me smile, who want to carry in my groceries, who want to hear me laugh.  What would I do without my boys to love?  My life would be so incomplete.  It is Jubilee who I will pour my femininity into, who I will teach the graces of being a woman.  She and I will spend long hours painting each others nails and talking about period cramps, but when I need to see the love of G0D for me, I will look at the broad shoulders all around me and feel safe and happy and proud.

Blessed, BLESSED is the mother of sons.