January 28, 2011

Sawatdee Kaa!

We are home again.  We like it in Thailand, because it has a long-standing friendship with America, and it is clean, and the health care is fair and cheap, and the food is amazing.  We like the colors and the smells and the palm trees.  It is a nice, close retreat spot for us when being embedded in the ancient ways of the Far East becomes too much and we just need a good plate of lasagna and some unflavored milk.  We would never just go there without cause, though, so the fact that we were required to go for a conference made for the perfect exodus at the perfect time.

And now we are more than happy to be home again, where everything smells faintly of incense and human waste, and the sky is clear, and the air is cold, and women wear red and men wear black and the people are strong and resilient, whittled into heroes from years of living with adversities beyond our imagination. 

Ah, we like home.

But like I said, we like Thailand, too.  Here are some pictures of our time there.

Here is the view from our hotel room.
 Here we are waiting for the mall to open.
Here we are trying to pass the time when we were all sick as dogs.

Sawatdee Kaa!