January 21, 2011

nothing like a good conference

No, I have not been napped in the streets, never to be heard from again (though I feared as much this evening as I walked through downtown Bangkok for Daniel's turkey and bell pepper 6-inch on wheat).  We have been at a conference, on floor 35, which is exactly 35 floors above the nearest internet service.  On top of that, we have been sicker than dogs, Daniel enthroned nearly permanently upon the toilet and me with a bag of inhalers and antibiotics to treat my bronchitis.  The kids have enjoyed the childcare program and we have enjoyed seeing so many friends from our past and present, but overall we have been a coughing, moaning, stressed-out mess (quite typical of a family with young children at a week-long conference).

The other day, Daniel and I got separated in our hotel, he with the kids and both of our phones and me with the only room key.  We played cat and mouse for 20 minutes, up and down to and from the 35th floor, until finally I left this sweet love note on the door for him to find.
Ahh, family life.  Sweet, adventurous, real, international family life.  Wouldn't want it any other way.

p.s.  I am definitely not pregnant, by the way;)