January 03, 2011

Man, I love this job.

Kids:  watching their Mandarin video lesson
Me:  just finished my last sip of coffee with cocoa and Equal, pulling on my favorite pants from college and my Hershey Track and Field T-shirt from 5th grade.
The day ahead:  BUSY

We have a group here from America right now, Memphis to be exact, which is our favorite city in the world (we have our reasons).  Daniel and I are SOOOOOOOOO busy, but we are both happy as larks because this group being here means we each get to do what we love.  Daniel gets to lead others in the act of changing the course of peoples' lives forever, and I get to cook for all of the them!

Last night I made a chocolate sundae pie and popped it in the freezer at midnight.  This morning, after I get off this addictive little computer, I will bake a batch of blueberry muffins, a batch of fat-free bran muffins, and a batch of chocolate chip muffins, all to bring to the orphanage tomorrow for our day trip with the group.  This afternoon, I will bake sweet potato fries.  Tomorrow I will enjoy 12 hours of my kids, sans naps, in a place that will soon house the fatherless.  I will then come home and put my kids to bed without help for the 7th night in row, and then collapse into my bed for some Mma Ramotswe (the book I'm reading) and my nightly cup of apple tea.  The next morning I will start cooking for 12 dinner guests, who I will welcome at 6 p.m. with a big smile and a perfectly set hairstyle.  That last detail was facetious.

All of this will happen alongside 3-5 hours of homeschooling per day, and loving and feeding and wiping the butts of my kids.

Its amazing how it works.  Something that takes just a little effort, if it is something one hates doing, feels like being dragged through hot coals.  Where as a week and a half of working one's fingers to the bone alongside a husband who only runs into the house long enough to grab a power-nap and a plate of stew and a quick bath, feels like getting ready for the prom or painting a nursery or the announcement of "Couples Skate" in 1988 when you are all hyped up on Super Ropes and frozen Cokes and a boy named Sean wants to hold your hand.  What I mean is, it energizes us to do what we love, for whom we love, for what we love, no matter how hard we work.

Speaking of love, I love that I have figured out a way to make fat-free bran muffins in East Asia and I'm going to go now and make them!   

Stay busy doing what you love this year.