August 21, 2010

Their first loves

Last night I was reading Ruth Beechick's book on home education, The Three R's, when I came across the line "...each child has only a limited amount of time in his early years" (6).

So today I took all of my children's stuffed animals, each of which have been given a special name and lots of love, and lined them up on the couch for a photo shoot.  Years from now, when my sweet little boys are sweet young men, I will want to remember these animals and their names.  I don't ever want to forget.

Back row from left: Bird, Who, Alligate, Web, Shiny, Thumper, Thai, Bindy, Trunk, Tree Trunk; Second Row from left: DeeDee, Pola, Baby, The Cutie, Spinner, Panda, Raisin, Blue Dog, Velveteen, El, Rocky; Front from left: Curious George, Scoop, Ma Mhut, Ribbit, Pinky, Buzz Argue Fan, Cubby, Moosie, and Seal.  Not pictured: Happy (a tiny hippo), and Beary (in safe-keeping at MoMo's house, because he sheds and I can't stand to clean up after him). Hunty (a gooey rubber shark) and Chompy (a gooey rubber alligator) also missed the picture.