July 22, 2010

Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory Danielle Morton was born today, and she was crying and breathing on her own!  That is a huge praise.  Daniel said she was 6 lb 9 oz., but that is coming from a very involved brother and uncle who had a lot on his plate tonight so don't hold him (or any of us) to the details at this point:)

What is important is that she is here and she is apparently beautiful (of course) and looks a lot like her sister, Eliana, who was playing at the park today with her Nana (Philip's mom).  What is also important is that she still very much needs your prayers, along with Kerry and Philip and the rest of the family.  The extent to which her health is challenged is still unknown, as many, many tests continue to be run.  She is stable right now and they are doing all they can to find out as much as they can about her insides before operating.  It has been verified that her heart is missing the left ventricle, just as they thought, and right now she is on a medication that is keeping the hole(s) in her heart from closing up, which is keeping her alive, while they investigate the esophagus issue.  They are currently scanning her intestines for air bubbles, which would indicate that at some point her esophagus and trachea are connected.  Hopefully and prayerfully that is not the case. 

When we have the results from the intestine scan, I will post that.  I am also promised some pictures at some point, which I will also post.  Daniel was able to get close to Glory this evening with a camera and get some real precious shots.  He said that her color looks good and she is plump and looks great.

I am sure that my sweet husband was a great help and comfort to his big sister today, and I am so glad he was able to be there.  I could hear the love in his voice over the cell phone as he spoke of Kerry, and how awesome she did.  That is a rare pair, the two of them.

Thank you for all of your prayers.  Please don't quit praying now.  The journey has only just begun!