July 04, 2010

For life.

My reunion with my dear Lou on Saturday was as sweet as the smile on her new baby's face.
Her new baby, by the way, is 3 1/2 months old and weighs nearly 18 lbs (and is almost as long as our 1-year-old)!  Her name is Cadence Bella.  Her hair is chestnut with Dutch-blond growing in behind it (courtesy of her daddy, Brian Sharda, who is as Dutch as it gets).  Her eyes are country blue and her cheeks are rosy and plump and beg to be kissed repeatedly.  I love her very much.

Lou and I went to the Farmer's Market, one of Holland's many delights, 
followed by a poolside afternoon at Brian's parents' place, complete with spicy grilled burgers, thick wedges of bright red watermelon, and Michigan blueberries.
Needless to say, it was not Zion's idea to go down the waterslide.

The longer I am friends with Liz Sharda, the more I fall in love with her.  I look forward to years of days just like Saturday, even when (and especially when) those days include our teenage kids flirting in the shallow end of the pool, and when they include our daughters tossing bouquets, and when they include purses full of pictures of our grandkids.  A life-long friendship like the one I have with Lou is better than Dutch chocolate.