February 05, 2010

Our daughter to come

We can now say, with near certainty, that we are "expecting" our fourth child. I am not, however, pregnant, nor shall ever be again most likely. We are standing at the starting block of the great journey of adoption.

Many of our friends have gone before us, and many will go after us. It is common for those of us who are called children of the Most High, co-heirs with his Son, to adopt children. For a long time we were waiting on some kind of supernatural confirmation to do this, but anymore the big question before us is, "Why not?"

So, as you can well guess, we would like a little girl, under two years old, if possible, from here in the country where we reside. (The little girl pictured is our neighbor, not our future daughter:) We are going to try to have our home study completed before we leave for America in April. The boys are THRILLED and their dad and I couldn't be more elated. We are already planning how we are going to rearrange our 12th story apartment to allow for a beautiful pink room. I am having visions of baby dolls and play kitchens and dress-up clothes (of course she might be more interested in her brothers' Transformers, which would be just fine, too:)

Much more to come as we journey, but I wanted to get the word out so you will be ready to receive our daughter into your hearts along with us.