February 09, 2010

Help, I'm being attacked by soap boxes!

If I did all the "right" things that are out there to do, I would eat only organic, free-range meet, I would eat no meat at all, I would eat only vegetables, I would eat only vegetables that have been prepared without exposure to light or water (thus preserving more of their food value), I would eat only RAW vegetables (thus preserving all of their food value), I would use only BPA-free plastics, I would live in another country (where nothing is BPA-free and they laugh at paranoid Americans) to share my faith, I would stay in my home country and reach "my own" first, I would forget trying to reach citizens of any country because they are ultimately controlled by their governments and I would strive to reach only heads of state and other major culturally influential folks, I would throw away my microwave because it causes cancer, I would not use aluminum or Teflon-coated cooking pots, I would not use fluoride toothpaste, I would not use anti-perspirant because it causes cancer, I would get regular mammograms, I would never get a mammogram because THEY cause cancer, I would not buy diamonds because they come at too high of a price (human life in some cases), I would home school my children to shepherd them adequately, I would put them in traditional education for the sake of not sheltering them and making sure they are not dorky (because everyone wants "hip" and "cool" kids who hate themselves and do drugs), I would use cloth diapers to save on landfill space and resources, I would not use cloth diapers because it uses too much water to wash them, I would whistle-train my kids over a toilet at 7 months old (that solves that problem) because I have nothing else to do but hold my baby over a toilet seat all day long and chirp like a bird, I would use birth control at some point out of regard for the earth's limited resources and out of a desire to heavily invest myself in the children I do have, I would not use birth control because who am I to reject the blessings that my Creator has in store for us and who am I to play creator, I would use birth control so that I could get myself back in shape and have more sleep and be more available and desirable for my husband because a healthy marriage is the foundation of the family, I would use birth control just during the process of adopting a child that would not otherwise have a home, I would adopt from another country where orphans are less adequately taken care of, I would adopt only from America because we must first take care of "our own," I would get up at 5 a.m. every morning and do a long quiet time and catch up on email and exercise and shower so that I could be generally together for the kids during the day (a practice which requires going to bed at 9 p.m.), I would let my babies cry it out so that they would get on a schedule and our family would have more structure and freedom, I would sleep with my children so that they won't get brain damage from high blood pressure induced by crying it out, etc. etc. etc.

NOTE: All of the above persuasions are actually in actual books.

So what ON EARTH is a girl to do? Particularly at 1:30 in the morning when all of these voices are swirling in her head and there is no way to put all of them to rest simultaneously?

I really would like your input.