January 23, 2010

Our Asian Baby

No, we are not adopting (yet). I am talking about this little guy. Ok, so he looks like a typical white baby, but he is sort of Asian. Brave Ransom was made over here, born over here, and has never laid eyes on his passport country. I wonder if and how that little fact will define him. I can't even guess. His original birth certificate is in Thai, and needed to be translated in order for him to become an American citizen. His weight and length at birth were measured in kilograms and centimeters.

He was caught in the delivery room by a woman who barely spoke his parents' tongue. He was the only peach-complected face in the hospital nursery. The quilt above his crib has his name on it, but not in English. When we bring him to America this summer, WE will be going home, but HE will be visiting a foreign land.