January 10, 2010

Day #4: strategery...

Today we intentionally took it easy and thoroughly planned our exodus tomorrow. Zion and I have looked at maps, surveyed floor plans via the internet, familiarized ourselves with several MTR (subway) stations, and laid out a few contingency plans.

Tomorrow we'll wake up, pack, and take the subway to the eye doctor to pick up Zion's prescription. Then, we'll take the subway back under the harbor to the optical store that will supposedly be able to make his glasses "in a few hours."

Next, we'll need to make our way by foot back to the hotel for check out and hopefully leave our luggage behind the counter. A quick lunch anywhere will do as Zion no longer eats food. He and I both realize the significance of this walking section of our itinerary - we must be mindful of the Indian custom tailors. One mistake could be fatal.

This afternoon, we pulled up a few Michael Jackson videos on youtube. What we took away from that was important - conflicts, both among groups and individuals, can almost always be resolved through high spirited and well coordinated dance routines. This is something I think only a few people realize, and we're prepared to do what we have to do if the need arises.

After lunch tomorrow, we'll need to pick up Zion's new spectacles at the optical store and swing back by the hotel to grab our bag. Then, jump on the subway to the bus station. Then, its the bus to the border. Then, a different bus to a totally different airport than the one we flew into. Then, a plane home which should arrive around midnight hopefully with both of us in high spirits and one of us in new glasses.

Today has been a serious day full of strategy and intense conversations about how this needs to go down. Tonight over pizza and chocolate milk the conversation was minimal as we both know full well what lies ahead. We know what needs to be done, and we're ready.