January 08, 2010

Day #2 in a strange land.

We woke up this morning and got dressed pretty quickly. While Zion played with some toys Kayla thought to pack I fell back asleep only to wake up to him telling me that he flushed a "tissue" down the toilet. We have no tissues and that made me somewhat concerned. So, I used some of the plastic silverware they gave us on the plane to dig a previously white hotel washcloth.

Soon enough we hopped on the ferry and rode across to the main island. After killing some time walking through one of the many luxury malls, Zion and I stumbled on to a Subway! I had a foot long Italian BMT - it was amazing. I really wasn't even hungry, but knew I would always regret not eating the whole thing. While we were eating a man came in wearing Carhart pants. I forgot they even existed. Another man, actually bowed his head to bless his food. Then after spilling his ice, said "Sh*t!" In a strange way, the whole thing was comforting.

This evening, we ate dinner in a crowed McDonald's. A really nice young girl was kind enough to share her table. She told me her boyfriend lived in Beijing and had just signed a contract to be famous. Wow, I thought, "it's that easy." I asked his name but didn't recognize it. Obviously, the contract is still "in the works" as famous people and their friends like to say.

Next, we walked along Victoria Harbor and we were really in awe. The buildings here are insane. Zion kept thinking the bigger boats were going to eat the smaller ones. My favorite part, they were playing some mean Chicago, Phil Collins, and Kenny G over the loud speakers. I almost expected my sister to walk up in a hot pink prom dress and bangs the size of a mountain. Unfortunately, she didn't.

To cap the evening off, we watched the light show. Apparently, it's the largest in the world. Huge ships, helicopters, lazer beams, spot lights - we both agreed it was thoroughly impressive. The people who sat next to us were from Saudi Arabia, and were actually on their honeymoon. She asked if I could read characters and I said "yes" confidently - though I can confidently read only about 250 of 10,000.

They had gotten their fortune printed out from a machine in some mall. After a few moments of realizing how little I actually knew, she suggested I just make something up. So, I proceeded to bless their marriage and I hope it sticks, they were really sweet people.

Tomorrow, Zion has requested a ride on a double-decker bus and I want to find a particular bookstore.