April 14, 2009


Zion is finally starting to talk. As of yet, he has been no verbal prodigy. His skills lie more in the area of physical feats. His agility exceeds that of kids a head taller than him, which is not such a good thing (especially when I am busy and don't have time to deal with blood-soaked shirts).

In any case, we are now hearing little words coming from his mouth. He calls his brother, "Big B." He calls his favorite toy, a wooden digger, pictured here, which is in his hand every waking hour of the day, "Bobbeesh." Every hour of the night he clutches this pink bear, which he calls "Baby." Of all the brown and blue and white stuffed animals we have for the boys, he chooses the pink one to attach himself to. It might be the only pink toy we ever have in this house, so I'm not complaining. I'm sure he won't want to take it to sleepovers, though. He says "dup duck" for dump truck and "peesa" for pizza. He says, "Uh-vooooo" for love you, and he says "oweee" for sorry. When we change his diaper, he looks down at it and waves, saying, "Bye-bye, pee-pee."

Just a few of the cute little things that come out of Zion's most-of-the-time busted lips.

We love our ZiZi.