April 05, 2009

2009 Spring Baby Bash

Yesterday we celebrated our friends' new babies with the 2009 Spring Baby Bash! We fit all 12 of our children (the oldest are age 3) on this couch for this fabulous picture. The fact that there was a moment in time when no one was napping, nursing, pooping, screaming, or sitting in time out is a complete miracle. Our third son, the 13th child, was a little difficult to get into the picture, since he is yet unborn. Maybe we can get them all together again for a Christmas picture later in the year. Anyway, the children you see are as follows: (back row) Julianna, Lydia, Callie, Kayleigh, Zeb, Emma Grace, Zion, and Bright; (front row) Isaac, Zane, Sarah, and Jack.

We all had a great time...I dare say the adults even more than the kids. We had a cook-out, for one thing, which is a rare treat here. Andy grilled marinated chicken (which was OUT OF THIS WORLD), Amy made the most delicious baked beans I've ever had, and Danielle made homemade angel food cake that was so good it may have changed my life forever. There were strawberries and potato salad and biscuits and rolls and cold cokes in the cooler...it was a true feast. I got to enjoy watching my husband jump around in the bushes after a frisbee with his buddies. I got to watch my sons play among the kids side-by-side, like a pair of best friends. I got to enjoy the company of eight amazing women while sitting on a soft blanket in lush grass in the sunshine. It was a truly wonderful afternoon.

I am so thankful for the fellowship (and fertility) that we share here in our city! :)