April 28, 2009

The brighter side of life

The best things about living here:

They have the best selection of pillows in the world. I mean, any pillow style, shape, firmness, or special feature you could dream up (no pun intended) is probably available here.

Any kind of fruit you might fancy, other than blueberries, is readily available at every other turn, for pennies.

Vegetables abound! Yay! It is a veggie-lovers paradise.

Two words: custom-made clothing. Oh yeah, this is probably my favorite. You pick out your fabric, bring a shirt you love to the tailor, and get the thing custom-copied for a grand total of about $7. Now who wouldn't want to copy their favorite Banana Republic pants from college in a half-size bigger to make room for their nearing-thirty figure? THAT is a perk!

Pandora radio. I know you folks in America (or wherever you live) can also tap into the world of Pandora radio, but here it is like a lifeline. I don't think I could even listen to it in America. I think I will leave it behind, as the soundtrack of our life here.

Electric transportation.

Lack of regulations. This is a perk when you are the one who is benefiting from it, let me assure you!

Custom-made furniture, for about a third of the cost of solid-wood furniture in America.

Ok, so custom-made just-about-anything.

Blind massage therapists. Those dudes have it going on! I guess because they can't see, their other senses are heightened. And again, they are affordable.

The best mani and pedi you can get, for a price so cheap you can't afford NOT to go.

Chopsticks are much easier to clean than a gooey, crusty fork.

The gas range still works (usually) even when the power goes out.

Sugus candies. Can't explain, they're just dang good.

And though I could think of more, I don't want to be boring. So I'll end with this one: being exactly where we know we are supposed to be.