January 01, 2009

Love is in the air

Bright was in his first wedding. He was a ring- bearer, and as you can see, the whole thing was one big cute-fest. Two days before the wedding, we realized we had nothing for him to wear. So we walked two blocks down to our neighbor- hood tailor, handed him a pair of Bright's jeans and one of his shirts, and returned the day of the wedding to pick up this adorable little tailor-made suit.

Let me just remind you that Bright hates being in the public eye, and has a particular aversion to the locals here because of their touchy-feely ways. So, when he was asked to be in a local wedding, we agreed (so as not to offend), but all we could imagine was a complete disaster. For the weeks leading up to the wedding, we talked about what an important job he was going to do, and that if he didn't bring the bride and groom their rings, they couldn't get married! He slowly warmed up to the idea, out of obligation, of course, and decided he would do what needed to be done:) The best way to deal with Bright is on rational terms. He is three years old but reminds me of a 30-year-old sometimes.

As it turns out, the wedding went off without a hitch. Although, on his way down the isle he spotted me in the congregation and veered down my pew saying, "Look Mom, I've got a surprise...it's a ring!" Daniel quickly rushed up the isle from the back of the ceremony and ushered Bright and his little pink pillow to the rest of the wedding party, who were waiting for him by the podium. It was cute, though. No harm done:)

And of course, as weddings go, Bright received his first kiss...from beautiful little Annette. This picture only shows the cheek kiss, but Annette did plant a ripe one right on his lips. Who could blame her, really.