September 18, 2008

Mooncake madness

The Mid Autumn Festival is over, though I doubt we'll EVER eat all of the mooncakes in our dining room hutch. The festival is all about mooncakes. Buying mooncakes, trading mooncakes, giving mooncakes, and eating mooncakes. A mooncake is like a bloated Fig Newton, only it is rarely filled with figs. Most often it is filled with bean curd, egg yolk, sugared ham, etc. There are fruit-filled mooncakes, which are much more kid-friendly.

So with the festival over with, we can FINALLY settle in to a routine around here. Tonight the kids are in bed, Daniel is out picking up milk and yogurt at the corner store, as well as bread at the bakery, so we'll have something to eat for breakfast. I am munching on some VERY sweet candy that Daniel's teacher gave him for the holiday. I know he won't eat it. My teacher gave me...mooncakes. The ham variety. They are still sitting on the end table next to our couch.