September 20, 2008

Learning to live

Bright wrote his name for the first time yesterday. I was sorry that he wrote it on a dry-erase board, and not on a piece of paper that I could keep. At least we got a picture.

Speaking of pictures, here is one of our house helper, Xiao Fu, teaching Bright the language. He of course loves every minute of it. She is a true gift to us. Not only does she help with the housework, freeing me up to focus on the kids, learn the language, and participate some in the work at hand, but she is showing the boys that they can love and trust the people here. Their fears and anxieties are diminishing by the day, largely due to her being a part of our family. Praise be to the Father for providing in such ways.

Another gift to us is Skype. Bright and Zion LOVE to get on the computer and talk to Grandma and Gramps in Michigan, and MoMo and SueSue in Arkansas. Here are a few pictures of them gazing at their beloved grandparents. What a gift!!!