June 15, 2008

R & R

Today we went to Wal-Mart instead of our local house. Why would any self-respecting M skip house to go to Wal-Mart? To be with our kids, who were in childcare all week until 1 p.m. and who we were not about to plunk in some random nursery this morning. Instead, we rested. Imagine, a day of rest on the sabbath! The concept is foreign to most, especially a young M and his family. Needless to say, today was a real treat. We got McDonald's fries on our way home from Wal-Mart, and then played in the pool until nap time. Now Daniel is taking advantage of his fourth father's day to work out at the gym and I am blogging in dry, clean clothes, munching on trail mix and waiting on my phone to charge up so I can call Darci back home.

Happy Father's Day to all those dad's out there. I hope you are taking the time to rest.

FYI we're in FL for five weeks with the company training...