June 22, 2008

Forever Young

Last night, Daniel and I felt young again. A typical date night for us is grabbing coffee and thumbing through magazines at Barnes and Noble, or ordering desert at our favorite riverside restaurant. I hadn't realized how middle-aged we had become.

Until last night.

We took advantage of our passes to Sea World (one of the perks of being here), and ran in after dark to ride the Kraken. Neither of us had been on a roller coster in over a decade. With the wind in our hair, we screamed our way through every loop and drop. When we came to a halt, I felt like 10 years had been stripped away.

Next, we ran through the park and peeled out of Sea World's parking lot (that might be a dramatization) so we would make it to our movie in time. Rather than our usual thought-provoking selection, we bought tickets for "Get Smart." I highly recommend it. It felt so good to laugh like that.

We left the theater after midnight, hand-in-hand, amongst cologne-spritzed teenagers. I felt like I was 19 again.

Who needs age-defying make up? Just get out there and do the things you did when you were a kid (the appropriate things, of course) and you'll feel like you are one. You really will. It's good for the soul.