June 11, 2017

The show must go on!

I couldn't have stood by God's side while he created Daniel and handpicked features and characteristics any better myself.

But even the best of husbands and the best of dads are busy, and in high demand, and devoted to causes other than birthday parties.

And so Zion's 10th birthday party came along and it was up to Zion and me - and Jubilee, who is always ready to lend a hand - to throw a cupcake decorating party on our rooftop.

Zion loves two things very much 1.) working with his hands 2.) having the floor. So nothing brought him more joy than teaching his friends how to turn a cupcake into...emoji poop.

For those with weaker stomachs, we demonstrated octopus cupcakes and daisy cupcakes, too.

The kids seemed to enjoy themselves. To speak nothing of the sugar buzz making a deafening roar across the surface of our roof.

Zion loves his friends. He read every word in every card, and it was evident he was truly touched.

Mr. Moose stood at the deep fryer and made basketful after basketful of fresh fries, which ended up being a party SAVER since the pizza took 1 1/2 hours to arrive. When it finally did arrive, the kids were so stuffed full of French fries and gummy worms that they hardly touched the pizza. That is why I have six pizzas in my deep freeze this summer. Dates night dinners are covered until September!

Ms. Jessie and baby Jospeh made an appearance, too!

Daddy was missed, but I have to clarify, he was there for Zion's actual birthday. We had a family sleepover in the living room that night, of course.

And there was something sweet about throwing a party just me and my little man. It was a bonding experience.

We went from baby ZiZi to double digits in no time flat!

Happy 10th Birthday, Zion Daniel. Sheesh, you are amazing.