June 18, 2017

Shout it from the mountaintop!

In a scene from Wonder Woman, Diana (aka Wonder Woman) asks Steve to explain to her the human concept of marriage. He responds with something like, Two people go before a judge and promise to love each other until they die. Diana asks if they do love each other until they die. Steve shakes his head and says, Not very often.

Which is why we celebrated our 15 years of marriage with gusto. Up the mountain we went, with our offspring in tow. Because it's no small potatoes, being married this long.

This is the town we came to, before heading up those mountains.

This is the hostel we stayed in, before heading up into the mountains.
This is Lucy, the Tibetan cattle dog at the hostel. 
I just love Tibetan decor. That red color is found growing wild on the rocks; some kind of moss or fungus. We think that's why they use the color so much in their cloth.
The next morning we headed up. The road went only this far, where we then left the car and humped our stuff the rest of the way.
We found this valley and decided to stay. The only other person there was this white horse. He was nice enough to share.
Daniel and Gene set up the tent. It was our maiden voyage with the tent, which had been a gift from Momo at Christmas. It's a great little stay!
The others helped me set up the kitchen.

We went for a trek around the valley. It was breath-stealing (in more ways than one). We have nicknamed this valley "Middle Earth" and we plan to return!

We made a fire from wood we dragged out from the underbrush.
Our Chinese medicine for altitude sickness ran out in the the night (next time we'll bring more), so we all felt pretty iffy in the morn.
But Gene's Boy Scout hash browns helped! Hot, crispy, and licked with salt. Just the thing for a queasy stomach.

Thank you, Middle Earth, for a wonderful anniversary celebration!