September 07, 2016

The Windy City

Our very last stop in the States this summer, before heading back to Asia, was a weekend in Chicago with my parents!

The kids had never seen Chicago (other than the airport, of course, with which they are all too well acquainted).  I couldn't let them grow up without seeing the timeless collection of 24 real human fetuses at the Museum of Science and Industry, which have been preserved for over 83 years now. Nobody walks through that exhibit and forgets about it.

Mindball. The headband senses stress. Whoever is more relaxed pushes the ball toward the opponent. Gene won! The only time he ever cleared his mind was when it meant a victory. Ha.

But Zion was the one who built the foam structure that withstood the wind tunnel (even when the teenager before him built a structure that toppled).

He was so proud!

Gene and Zion in a Lego building contest. The objective was to build something to help scientists explore other planets. Can you guess what the little girl on the far right built? "Two people getting married," she squeaked. Too cute.

Going to the MSI brought back so many memories for me. Living in southwest Michigan as a kid, Chicago was our city. Even though it belongs to Illinois, it sits on the same lake as my home town, and so I feel that I can lay some small amount of claim to its stately charm. I love the Windy City.

Definitely the most memorable part of our stay in Chicago was getting caught in a torrential downpour while walking to dinner. There was nothing to do once the sky opened up but keep on running! Boy were we a pack of wet dogs dragging ourselves into that fancy establishment. Shivering, we devoured our warm food and laughed at our soggy clothes and dripping hair. It was perhaps the best dining experience I've ever had.