September 20, 2016


Gene jokingly calls it a "coop," as in a chicken coop.

Tanya, because of her Russian accent, calls it a "co-up."

But most people know it as a co-op. A co-op can be defined as a cooperative society, business, or enterprise. The people who run it are involved in order to benefit from its services. A home school co-op is no exception. The old saying, "Two heads are better than one" would apply to a co-op. Two home school moms are better than one. Five or six are even better yet! There has been a lively co-op for home schoolers in our city for years but we haven't participated. Haven't had the time to participate. Until now.

Now the kids have backpacks. With pencils in them! And three-ring binders! They feel like real school children. They have writing class with Ms. Megan (IEW is the best) and anatomy (Apologia) on Thursday afternoons. On Fridays they are in a small art co-op in our home (Home Art Studio with Miss Volin).

This year we are painting and dissecting and making key-word outlines. This year Rupp Academy has all the help it needs:) This year we are a part of something bigger. And it feels great.

Biking to co-op.

Jello mold cell models

Our first art lesson: color wheels.