June 01, 2016

14 years, and still true to our word

Daniel and I recently celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary, and as I watched my husband crack crab legs across the table, I felt one overwhelming emotion.


There truly aren't words for how blessed I feel. I know not all women are loved like I am. I know not all kids are healthy, not all jobs are fulfilling, and not all homes are happy. Not a day goes by that I don't thank G0D for what I have.

But all marriages are hard. No matter how submitted one might be to the L0RD, sin never stops plaguing us in this life. Daniel and I have both been known to succumb to selfishness from time to time. I have a quick tongue, one that lashes out like a whip if I don't keep it tied down. Daniel, as close to perfect as he is, forgets to think about my feelings sometimes. We hurt each other. We lose sight of where we were headed when we started out.

We stumble. We fall.

But we never quit. We always repent, always forgive, and always move forward together.


Because we said we would, that's why.

One of my favorite quotes from Samwise Gamgee of The Lord of the Rings: "I made a promise, Mister Frodo. A promise! 'Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee.' And I don't mean to! I don't mean to."

I love this pic of us, from our 14th anniversary, because Gene took it, and those are our wedding picture and invitation on the wall.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. STAY MARRIED. It's the best promise you'll ever keep.