May 25, 2016

The pleasure is mine to say Zion is nine

For his ninth, we went to a local mall where a fantastical trampoline jump-around had been constructed atop the ice rink. That was a blast and a half!

He requested my mom's family recipe shortening cupcakes, topped with our favorite fudge icing. They disappeared very quickly.

It was a lovely group of chiddlers (as The BFG would say).

Jubilee hand-sewed this owl for Zion (a kit she received months ago for Christmas). Zion loooooved it, and name him Steve.

Gene spent his own money on these Lego knock-off buildable figures for Zion. Lego would be appalled if they ever sent a rep over here, to see what is being faked. Makes for a bountiful birthday, though!

A few days later, on his actual birthday, Zion requested a pumpkin pie "just like Grandma makes." Grandma uses the recipe on the back of the can of Libby's, so that is what I did. I remember requesting pie for my birthday when I was a kid. Only I always wanted lemon meringue.

Here is the birthday boy sporting his new Tiger's hat from Grandpa and Grandma.

And here he is making a wish.

Sweet Zion Daniel,


How do we begin to describe you? To express our thankfulness for you? I'm not sure, but I'll try.

Sometimes I find you reading your Bible to the bunny out on the veranda, looking down at her every now and again, to be sure she is listening. When I walk by you in the house, you often launch into me, wrapping your wiry arms around me and burying your dimpled face in my shirt. When someone is hurting, you break for them. When you have an idea, you sizzle and pop with excitement. You are polite and kind, funny, empathetic, and delightful.

And with each passing birthday, as you mature and grow, the little person who is you unfolds to delight us even more. The L0RD outdid himself when he made Zion Daniel.

All my love forever,