January 21, 2016

The skill of being still

Furlough isn't relaxing.

It is a time to reconnect with our families, friends, and supporters back home. Which means it is a wonderful time, but it isn't relaxing. In the midst of all the reconnecting, the kids must still be home-schooled, meals must still be prepared, laundry done and clutter managed. There is a lot of travel, packing and unpacking, hellos and goodbyes, super high highs, and stress-filled lows. It is many things, but it isn't relaxing.

Think Disney World. It's a happy place! But at the end of a day at Disney, one is typically left with sticky kids, a cranky husband, a sunburned neck, a lighter wallet, and a long way to walk to get to the car.

It's kind of like that with furlough.

So now we find ourselves, by the grace of G0D, at Juniper Tree in Chiang Mai for Daniel's classes, and I am learning, once again, how to be still.

Being still is a skill. It takes great discipline to be still, and great security in one's worth apart from what one is accomplishing. Rest is as necessary as food and water, and yet we starve ourselves of it. And then when it is forced upon us, we no longer know what to do with it.

But I am learning. I am remembering how. I am feeling myself being put back together from the inside out, and I am determined to keep up the skill of being still.