January 07, 2016

Mentor me

I asked her to mentor me.

It was eight years ago, when my oldest was two. I had looked at my life and thought, 'I don't know what I'm doing. I need a mentor.'

She was our pastor's wife. Her girls were delightful, respectful, content. Her husband was happy. I wanted to know the secrets she knew. So I asked her to mentor me. She agreed! I implored her to be honest with me always, to never hold back.

And she is (honest), and doesn't (hold back), and I am better for it. So much better than I otherwise would have been. As are my kids. My husband. My marriage.

Mentorship rocks. Allison rocks.

And somewhere along the line, she became more than my mentor. She became a friend of the dearest kind.

It has been a wonderful furlough for many reasons, not the least of which all the time I've had the privilege of spending with Allison.
We both LOVE movies. When Roman Holiday came to the big screen, we were there!

Daniel is not without mentorship, either! Here he is with "Coach" David Montague, sitting in David's and Kelli's living room, catching up during the weekend we spent at their house in Memphis.