October 17, 2015

Re-group 2015

I can't believe we've been getting together with our small group from seminary for over a decade now, convening at centrally located campgrounds/cabins/what-have-you for long weekends of food, fun, and fellowship. I remember it like yesterday, the eight of us sitting around a well-spread table, childless, in the throws of seminary classes and at the starting blocks of our adult lives.

Now eight has grown to 26 - a pastor overseas, a theologian overseas, a land man in Georgia, a land manager in Louisiana, a photographer-mom, three home-school moms, and seven little girls and eleven little boys all growing up right. And every single one of us loves each other very nearly the same as family.

What a gift these people are to me, and what a gift our "Re-group 2015" reunion at Meeman-Shelby State Park north of Memphis was. #Blessed
John, Lee, Daniel, and Jack. Est. 2003, Wilmore, KY
Korrie, Candace, Kayla, and Lydia. Friends forever. (Baby Emmett looking the other way)
Rosemary, Emmett, Jesse, Zeke Lee, Zion, Eugene, Benjamin, Zeke David, Luke, Clementine, Henry, Jubilee, Brave, Samuel, Lily, Bethany, Anna Grace, and Asher
Jubilee, Rosemary, Bethany
Zion and Zeke (Chaney)
Gene and Anna Grace 
Candace Chaney, photographer extraordinaire. Candace is behind these amazing photos. Her laughing smile, pictured here, is almost as beautiful as her personality.
Not a face-shot of Lydia, but a perfect shot of her none-the-less, as Lydia has a mothers' heart. This is her holding her oldest daughter, Bethany.
Korrie feeds us. She feeds our tummies with her home cooking, and our hearts with her free spirit.
Zeke Chaney and Zion with their creation, Pumpkinstein. These two boys always hit it off.
This. Is. Gene.
The country store near our cabins.
There was a gray-haired bluegrass band outside the country store.
Look at what Candace can do with her camera (and look at what Korrie and Lee can do with their genes!) Lovely Clementine.
Okay, I shimmied up a tree. I could have just cut the fishing line to free the rod from the tree, but I couldn't pass up the chance to climb it.
And Candace couldn't pass up the chance to photograph it. I really like this one.

Daniel and John with some kids on a boat. Fishing, paddling, nature-enjoying.
Kids being kids. Nothing better.
Capturing toads and keeping them in a Kleenex box.
Big kids going for a walk.
Boys with sticks.
In my element.
The God who made this, loves us all.
Until next time, love and memories remain.