February 14, 2015

You never can tell

Practically no internet in Thailand, only to come home to find our internet broken at our apartment. Long time no type. But now we're back on the world wide web, so I can post a few of our best pics from January.



This girl is tougher than she looks. Fearless, actually.

That is one heavy Burmese Python! And it is giving Gene's leg a little kiss:/


Road trips!

Grocery shopping!

Good ol' Juniper Tree.

New friends!
Brave and Tim, never apart. Tim is Dutch and speaks three languages.

Tim's sister, Amy. She and Jubi climbed trees, played in the dirt, and practiced their soccer skills.

Gene and Toby! This was the second year in a row these two ran around together at The Juniper Tree.

Brave taught himself to swim! Here he is, the afternoon he became a swimmer.

And just for fun, here is a wild sow we found foraging at a rest stop along the road. You never can tell.