December 11, 2014

(never) hung out to dry

We've all had those days. 

It's the stuff of Country Western songs. I slept in too late. My jeans were too tight. There was nothing in the house for breakfast, and the kids just could not get along. None of us could get in gear in the home school room, and we all ended up griping at each other over stupid stuff. I had gotten a hurtful comment on my blog that week that I just could not shake. The pollution was so thick outside that I could taste it on my tongue, and the Christmas cookie ornaments that I kept pulling from the oven looked like nondescript blobs (thanks to cheap butter that won't hold up at high temperatures). 

And then around mid-morning, the dryer broke. Really?!

At that point I abandoned home school altogether and succumbed to a full-fledged pity party on the couch, warning any approaching children that I needed space and must not be messed with. My pity party turned into a fitful nap, during which the hand I was using as a pillow went completely asleep.

But when I woke up...

Oh sweet L0RD, when I woke up...

My precious children had built a clothes line for me in the living room, on which to hang our load of soaking wet clothes.

They weighed-down the chairs with pans of water and popcorn kernels.
Gene tied the knots, learned from his Klutz Book of Knots (I highly recommend the book for parents of boys).
Instantly, my pity party was over. I scooped up my four little ones and asked for their forgiveness for my bad attitude. They forgave me, of course. Kids are the best forgivers of all. And I went to bed that night thankful, because even though life is full of broken dryers and hurtful comments, none of us has to tread this earth alone. Praise G0D for family.