December 29, 2014

Momo for Christmas!

My MIL Shari, who the kids call Momo, surprised them with a Christmas visit!
Daniel prepared a PVC-pipe frame for her and then wrapped her up. The kids opened this "package" and it was the cutest thing!

We've had a WONDERFUL Christmas - our first spent with Momo in seven years.

She baked us her famous tea cookies.
This island was my Christmas gift! Somehow Daniel squeezed it into my teeny-tiny kitchen. Good guy.

We went sledding at Snow Mountain.
Riding the gondola up the mountain.
Good thing I remembered the carrot and raisins!

We had the Greenes for dinner, and the fellas fried another turkey. Men and fire, I tell ya.

Momo and I armed the kids with gingerbread houses, icing, and candies and set them loose.
These two houses are Jubi's (left) and Brave's (right). Daniel says it looks like a candy factory blew up.

Happy New Year, everyone!