November 03, 2014

When life brings heavy rains

There were no pumpkins this year on account of the rains.

But the Rupp kids are a creative bunch. A glass-half-full bunch, a trait they clearly got from their dad. So it didn't surprise me to find this when I woke up on Halloween morning (the kids had been awake for a while already, using up every last scrap of our orange construction paper from America).

Soon after this picture was taken, the kids "picked" these pumpkins and made them into jack-o-lanterns. I put the jack-o-lanterns on display atop the hutch, in front of Daddy's birthday cards from last month which I'm not yet ready to throw away.

Later that evening, it was time for the padawan, the skeleton, the ninja, and Wylde Style from The Lego Movie to emerge.

Then it was time to join the rest of the troupe.

And go trick-or-treating along the street.

Now it's one piece of candy after every meal until we've worked our way through every last White Rabbit, Ouishi, LeConde, and Sugus in the bag. Our candy stash probably looks a bit different from yours. In fact, do me a favor and eat a box of Nerds for me (and a Bit-O-Honey, a Mounds bar, a Milkyway, a watermelon Jolly Rancher, and one of those little yellow boxes of Milk Duds.)