November 27, 2014

Fry Daddies

This year, Daniel and John decided to fry the turkeys.

On our roof.

Beneath our grape arbor.

And it was the best turkey any of us have ever tasted.
Here you see a broom handle hanging from the arbor, and stainless steel paper towel holders in place below it. Turkeys went on those holders and were lowered into the pot of bubbling oil. Also visible is a fire extinguisher, which may or may not have been used.
Oh. My. Goodness.

The kids dressed up for the reading of the first Thanksgiving, brought to them this year by the Awesome Addison. All kids love Addison.
Here you see Zion in roller blades and a headdress, pouring the popcorn on the deck. Did you know the Native Americans introduced the pilgrims to popcorn at the first Thanksgiving? 
And then, as if hours of manning a turkey fryer weren't enough, Daniel built a fire in our giant wok and we roasted marshmallows after dark.

It was a Thanksgiving to fry for!