July 23, 2014

new cord, new chapter

Turns out our internet has been spotty and finally gave out completely because George Fuzzy, our 2-year-old long-haired lop-eared overgrown bunny, was chewing the cord from his favorite hiding place under the entertainment center.

The internet repair man found the chewed cord today and replaced it, so I can FINALLY post the pictures from Jubilee's Wyldstyle birthday.
presents at breakfast, a Rupp tradition
one cute birthday girl

A Wyldstyle cake. Neon food coloring, BTW, gives kids "wyld" colored poo...

celebrating in the evening in our pjs with dear friends (pardon the low quality of the pic; we need to use our real camera instead of our phone)

And now our youngest is 5, which makes us officially old. Or at least we are officially starting a new chapter of our lives, in which all of our kids are "school age." Wow, time absolutely flies.